How Does It Work in Detail?

Yes, you may have used several CD/DVD burning programs and get some of your work done, but the problem is, Are You Satisfied? The speed, the quality, the operation, the price... so many things that make finding a perfect CD/DVD burner difficult.

Free CD DVD Burner Platinum was born to be the one. It is a feature-rich toolbox that combines all those disc tools: audio CD, video DVD, ISO image, eraser, etc. For all these tools, you pay nothing but a few clicks to download. It releases you from complicated operation and make CD/DVD/ISO burning & ripping as easy as A-B-C.

As Easy as Brewing a Coffee!

1. You Decide What to Do, It Provides a Tool.

Free CD DVD Burner Platinum provides 9 tools for your CD/DVD/ISO creation and mastering. You just need to launch the program and click on the 4 big buttons to activate the one you want. It supports a wide arrange of discs: DVD-R/DVD+R, DVD-RW/DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, CD-RW and CD+R/CD-R. The high disc compatibility helps deal with any kind of CD/DVD in a breeze. Get one, get all - that's Free CD DVD Burner Platinum.

2. A Few Clicks to Be a PRO!

About the operation, just EASY! I bet you can hardly find a burner tools as simple as ours. The interface is designed with ease of use in mind and you can see all the buttons you need. Every tool provides a WIZARD with detailed What-to-Do in every step, although you may not need this. If you want more specific guidance, find them in "Help" content or on our site. The whole process is unbelievably brainless. You need advice? Here's one - click "Next" and follow the wizard!

3. CD-to-Audio or Audio-to-CD - Enjoy Music Anywhere!

Our audio CD tools can meet all your demands for audio CD enjoyment, by burning MP3 and WAV to audio CD disc to play in any music center such as disk center & car stereo with CD player or ripping audio tracks from music CDs to WAV/MP3 files. There is no fussy step to burn or rip audio CD with unimagined speed and perfect quality which rival any around the market.

4. Burn Movie DVD for Top Video Enjoyment.

You may have collected some funny video clips from internet, ripped some DVDs of classic movie borrowed from friends, created some slide shows, or just finished your wedding with tons of ceremony video recorded - to enjoy them on the big television screen with your disc player is quite satisfying.

5. Backup You Important Data and Memories Data CD/DVD.

Free CD DVD Burner Platinum gives you a data CD/DVD burner tool to burn any files and folders from your computer onto CD/DVD disc directly with just a few clicks. It is a convenient solution not only for backup but for easy file distribution. You can save the space of your hard drive by transferring some huge files onto CD/DVD. It allows you to burn data DVD/CD in a super high speed and it's completely FREE.

6. ISO Burning, Ripping & Making? All Done.

Want to burn game ISO to XBOX/Play Station? Video DVD of classic movies for DVD player? Rip some ISO from any DVD movie, audio CD, data CD/DVD to get an exact ISO image to mount to a virtual drive without original disc? Or just want to create an ISO image from what you stored in your hard drive? Free CD DVD Burner Platinum gives all you need: an ISO burner, an ISO ripper & an ISO maker.

7. Erase Discs to Promotes Recycling.

Give up the CD shredders - here's a safer, easier, greener and more economical way! The disc eraser of Free CD DVD Burner Platinum enables you to completely remove unwanted data with no eWaste created. If you have accumulated old stacks of CD-Rs and DVD-Rs over the years, it's time to wake them up!

Most shredders on the market mix the plastic shreds in with the paper, contaminating the plastic with paper, and vice versa, thus preventing proper recycling of both materials. Paper and plastic need to be kept separate for recycling. - Bruce Bennett, President,

Over 20 billion recordable discs have been sold worldwide. eWaste is a serious problem. Every month, in the US alone, over 3 million discs (100,000 lbs) require secure disposal.

Our Disc Eraser is a CD security device that provides an environmentally friendly solution.

8. Know More about the Progress and Your CD/DVD Devices.

During the progress, if you want to know how the program is doing, it provides detailed status info and a process bar. With these features, you can easily inspect the progress. For professional users, it also provides savable log information for analysis. What's more, you can know more of your disc drive though our "Device Info" tool: vendor, revision, supported reading & writing disc types/speed, the disc inserted... The more you know, the better you do.

That's how it works! No fee and no strings attached. As a safe and easy CD DVD burner, it simplifies the complicated disc burning/ripping and makes it achievable for almost anyone.

Download this powerful CD DVD burner right now and get your work more costless and efficient.