How to Create ISO from Files?

With our useful ISO Creator, you can easily create ISO image from any files and folders (with the subfolders). No matter what kind of data you have, the smart ISO maker can easily make ISO image file from them with fast speed. Download and install this Free CD DVD Burner Platinum and follow the step-by-step tutorial to finish your ISO creating.

As Easy as Brewing a Coffee!

1. Launch Free CD DVD Burner Platinum. Then, insert a blank CD to the disk drive, click the "More Tools" and choose "ISO Builder" to run the burner wizard.

Activate ISO Builder

2. You should specify a name for the ISO file to be created.

Specify Output Name

3. Choose the way the data is stored on disc (file system). You can select ISO9660 or ISO9660 + Joliet UNICODE name extension. Also, you can create bootable disc if you want.

Choose File System

4. Click "Add File(s)..." & "Add Dir..." to add files & folders you as needed and use "New Dir..." or "Rename Dir..." to create or rename the folder. Also, you can remove one or all files & folders by "Remove/Remove All" button. Choose an image files path you want to burn from your computer. Then, select the burning mode and the appropriate burning speed. Click "Next" to start creation. The ISO creation will be finished when the process bar reaches 100%.

Add Files & Folders