Make ISO Image from Anything You Have!

Free CD DVD Burner Platinum provides an ISO Creator, a professional and excellent ISO maker tool to make existing files and folders (with the subfolders) into ISO image for permanent data backup from your computer, then you can burn the ISO image to a CD/DVD-R disc with our ISO Burner. Powerful in the functions, simple in the operations and requiring no technical experience, this tool is absolutely your best choice to make all files into ISO image!

Fact: ISO creation could be complicated and frustrating until you get a brainless ISO maker tool. Ours is just the one - you input what you want and it turns them into ISO images. Burn them to whatever disc you want!


After clicking the "More Tools", select "ISO Creator" to launch the wizard which helps you to build file system image. Select the image file and name it. Select file system type (ISO9660 or ISO9660 + Joliet UNICODE name extension). You can create bootable disc. Then, use "Add File(s)..." & "Add Dir..." to add files & folders you want to create to the file tree. Later, choose the burning mode you want and determine the best burning speed (which depends on the disc used and burning device capabilities). You can review the specified options before proceed with burning. Lastly, start creating and wait until the progress bar reaches 100%. Now the ISO image has been successfully created.

ISO Creator