Wipe out Discs without Shredding Waste!

Free CD DVD Burner Platinum provides a Disc Eraser, advanced, powerful and compact tool to dispose of your unwanted or confidential data of CDs and DVDs completely. It is quicker and safer than breaking an unwanted CD and easy to use. Its ease of use maximizes the value of any rewritable disc.

Fact: Sometimes you just can't use the erased discs - why's that? Maybe that's not your fault. Wrong eraser may lead to damaged CD/DVD, which is actually a waste, not recycling. Our disc eraser is designed to guarantee the usability of erased discs.


After inserting a CD/DVD to the disc drive, click the "More Tools" and choose "Disc Eraser" to launch the wizard which guides you through disc erasing process. The wizard scans your system and lists usable drives. Then, you should choose an erase type: fast erase (only TOC will be erased) and full erase (whole disc will be erased). But full erase takes much longer time than fast erase, which is preferred in most situations. You also need to determine the best burning speed (which depends on the disc used and burning device capabilities). Review the specified options before proceed with erasing. Lastly, start erasing and wait until the disc is ejected. Now the disc has been successfully erased.

Disc Eraser