List the Parameter of All Your Drives

Free CD DVD Burner Platinum provides a Device Info tool, a simple utility to display all information of your PC's drives: vendor, revision, reading/writing types, CD/DVD within, etc. It enables you to know the exact properties of CD/DVD devices and which kind of reading and writing disc types the device supports. With a very easy-to-use and understandable interface, it does not require any technical experience. You just need to click "Next" all the way to find whatever information you need.

Fact: Knowing the properties of you CD/DVD drives could save you some time from inserting a writable disc into a drive that is not able to write. Advanced users may also use these information for professional analysis.


After inserting a CD/DVD to the disc drive, click the "More Tools" and choose "Device Info" to launch the wizard which shows information about CD/DVD devices present in the system and discs inserted into them. The wizard scans your system and lists usable drives. Then, you can see the detailed device information, including vender, product, read speed, write speed and so on. Also, the wizard lists reading & writing disc types supported and the specific features of DVD devices including region mask, RPC scheme, changes left user and vender. Later, you can review the supported modes (read modes & write modes) and information of the inserted disc, such as, disc type, sessions, tracks, used space and free space.

Device Info