Burn Audio CD for Top Music Enjoyment!

Free CD DVD Burner Platinum provides an Audio CD Burner, a basic and capable tool to burn MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG files to audio CD that can be played in any standard CD player with ease. It uses a virtual CD burning technology to simulate the burning process. This unique software can burn CD flexibly with fast speed and high quality. It also has an easy-to-use interface to guide you burn with no hassle.

Fact: Using a CD burner of poor ability could bring you a lot of problems - the inserted disc might not be recognized; the burned CDs are not usable for any disc player; the awfully burned music will make non-stop audio entertainment impossible as errors and quality loss; also, the burning failure may lead to unresponsive applications.


After inserting a writable CD to the disc drive, click the "Audio CD" and choose "Audio CD Burner" to launch the wizard which guides you through Audio CD creation process. The burner wizard scans your system and lists usable drive. Then, use "Add File(s)..." to add music files you want to burn to the burning list and you can change the title & artist of each file by setting CD-Text. Later, choose the burning mode you want and determine the best burning speed which depends on the disc used and burning device capabilities. You can review the specified options before proceed with burning. Lastly, start burning and wait until the disc is ejected. Now, the audio CD has been successfully burned & the burning log can be saved to a TXT file by "Save Log...".

Audio CD Burner